• A few things that we care about in our ministry:
  • We have a passion for healing. Not in the traditional definition, rather through the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • More then anything, we believe that our heavenly father loves us so much that he gave His son to pay for our sins.(learn more about what that means by reading John 3:16 and/ or be a  part of our ministry....) 
  • We have a mission to spread the "Good new" across the nations. One person at a time. 
  •  Building a strong foundation; not a congregation.
  • Teaching the art of Holy Spirit filled worship. (no planned and rehearsed music)
  • Teaching you how  to love and trust God again.
  • Teaching you how to love yourself again or for the fist time.
  • Showing you how to love others too.
  • Bringing out and teaching you how to use your "God given talents and gifts. (for the body of Christ)
  • Reaching out to the lost, hurt, broken, and unloved. Also, those who want to renew their mind, body and soul, by changing the way they think to a "transformed new mind".( Only God can do that)
  • Teaching how to apply the "Fruits of the Spirits" to your own character.  
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